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Plain old 00 Buck. It offers tremendous knockdown power up to 100/60 yards. I have used the same Remington 870 pump shotgun to hunt everything from squirrels to mourning dove to snow geese to deer, shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays, dispatch venomous snakes, explode two-liter sodas for fun, and dispose of a large wasp nest in a tree too close to the house. and we are in our fifth year of a drought, you people back east know nothing about droughts. But these turkey loads can give you extra range, and more hitting power, especially if you do your research and carefully select the appropriate choke tubes. is made in 12 gauge 2¾”  with a 437 grain projectile, and 20 gauge 2¾” with a 328 grain projectile. Not everything has been proven to cause harm in Bloombergs laboratory. Most African Professional hunters agree that A 12 gauge slug is near ideal to put down a charging leopard. )or Brenneke Black Magic ( 3in, 600 grain, … The 3 1/2″ 12 gauge shells are best suited for waterfowl hunting, particularly for geese. SlapShot USA loads these slugs in 3″ 12 gauge shells. Accuracy of this slug is around 5 MOA at 50 yards with open sights (i.e. There are reasons why police shotguns have traditionally been stoked with several rounds of buckshot. OMG that is some funny illogical thoughtless shArt. Try , for once, to let common sense rule the day. You could have a 3″ chamber, you could have a magnum, doesn’t matter. A 12 bore rifle, maybe Dr. B 12ga slugs in most cases do have great short range knock down power and have been used in 12 bore double rifles in Africa many years ago. The Red Magic is a sabot style of slug and is made in 12 gauge 2¾” and 3″ chambering. The gimmicky “Dragon’s Breath” shotshell at number 1? The classic 00 or “double-aught” buck load usually delivers 8 or 9 .33-caliber pellets in a standard 2¾” shotshell, or around 12 pellets if you’re using a 3-inch magnum shell. I am a former Marine and expert shot with rifle and pistol. It is intended for defense against the large bears if you are in an area where a confrontation with a big bruin is a possibility. there are some types of ammo you simply must own and shoot — a lot – through your shotgun. The most powerful 2 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells are the Magnums. that explodes like an M-80 with a bright flash and loud boom. These are loaded with steel shot in sizes T, BBB, BB, 1, 2, 3, and 4. And a lot of fun to try, if you have the appropriate range for it. He was showing it for it’s “cool” factor. The S+B roll crimped shells hold 12 pellets of 00 buck in the 2.75″ size and 15 in the 3″ length. Of course, no matter how creative you get with Dragon’s Breath shotshells, be sure to follow strict safety rules. Check out 12 Gauge Steel Shotshells Ballistics Chart and 12 Gauge Slugs Ballistics Chart for ammo specifics. I appreciate it. In the United States shooters are most often only acquainted with his shotgun slugs, but unfamiliar with his rifle cartridges and the unique TIG and TUG bullets loaded in them. Lightfield Wildlife Control Less Lethal Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Mid-Range Rubber Slug Box of 5. This slug is best used in rifled barrels, although it can be used in cylinder bore barrels if desired. For lots of average shotgun shooters, this type of ammo may be the only type they’ll ever shoot. The Classic Magnum is the original 1898 design by Wilhelm Brenneke. This cartridge can be used in either rifled or smoothbore barrels with any choke. Is it right for every situation? Not shooting at the ground, yelling at it, taking a few quick, loud steps toward it- but actually SHOOTING IT WITH A SHOTGUN? Winchester’s Super Target and Federal’s Target Load ( goo.gl/dGXw33 )  are also examples of this type of ammo. Also, you must take extra fire-related precautions, like not firing into dry vegetation, and having some fire control methods available. Our price $10.99 ($2.20 per round) Our Price: $ 10.99 ($2.20 per round) Ammunition / Shotgun Ammunition; You last purchased this product on . The projectile features the Brenneke sliding rear that slams into the front section on impact. You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to do out to 100 yards, even if all you have for a sight is a vent rib with a bead. I won’t try that again. 12 gauge slugs for Cape Buffalo or Elephant ? No brag just fact! These throw 1 1/2 ounce of #BB, 2, 4, 5, or 6 lead shot at a MV of 1260 fps. Whatever 20 Gauge allegedly lacks in power, 12 Gauge definitely has. (Brenneke slug ammunition pictures and ballistics charts courtesy Brenneke). not even sure if this ammo is even legal here. This is a less potent cartridge than the Black Magic and is suitable for deer and similar quarry. And Yes, you can very safely stand to the side a bit down range without ill effect, unless Larry wants to streak across to scare everyone and end up directly in front. Penetration tests in plywood sheets and water cartons yielded travel equal to buckshot from a 20-inch 12-gauge riot gun barrel at the same distance. In addition to turkey hunting, some folks find this type of ammo to be great for coyotes and foxes, also out to 50 yards or so. Loaded extra hot for MAXIMUM stopping power! That´s when you can count on our Magnum Crush™. The slug weight is 109 grains and it provides a great frontal area combined with good velocity. But that’s one of the great things about 12 gauge shotguns — you can spend years and years exploring and perfecting something as specific as taking Canada geese at long range, and always have worlds’ more information left to discover. Browse our selection of Shotgun Shells for every caliber and top shotgun brands. His end would be a combination of fire and penetrator. Also, I’m going to leave some really great types of shotgun ammo off the list, because I’m listing only 5. This cartridge is known for its long range usefulness and excellent knock down power on deer. These cartridges are made in 12 gauge 2¾” with a 492 grain projectile and 16 gauge 2¾”  with a 437 grain projectile. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://m.humanesociety.org/issues/dove_shoot/&ved=2ahUKEwj5zfq7jJPdAhWNKHwKHRVSA2QQFjAKegQIABAB&usg=AOvVaw1IBdfL7kp97zciiYAZjD7a. As expensive as it may be the way to find the best slug is to buy a box each of several loads and try them. Antigunners don’t need an excuse to want to deprive us of our rights. You will find Brenneke’s US website if you click here. Why do so many delight in spoiling everything fun ? These are one solid piece of lead, making them the most powerful ammunition for 12-gauge shotguns, but also the most … Slugs: 12-Gauge Ammo Shot Patterns Hornady 12 Gauge 2-3/4 Inch Shell, Slug, 1575 Velocity, Shot At 25 Feet. Mossberg Maverick 88 (with 18.5″ barrel). Most commercial or public ranges probably don’t allow Dragon’s Breath shells. This extra density gives more pellets in the pattern at extended ranges, thus increasing hit probability. So you can feel someone is holding your hand. Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Earlier this year I shot my first ever 1-inch, 100 yard group with shotgun slugs. But it’s plenty good for many types of shotgunning. The sabot projectile weighs 437 grains. I can consistently hit the same target at 100 yards, although I can’t call my shots with as much precision. (lots of the fun stuff is not). Buckshot is okay for deer at close range, but even better as a self-defense load. G12-037 "Flash Thunder Grenade" This highly effective 12 gauge round produces a stun/diversion effect by using a bright blinding flash with an extremely powerful concussion blast from a 12 gauge shotgun muzzle. The most common gauge in use in the U.S. is the 12 gauge, but there are also 28, 20, 16, and 10 gauge. The slug is coated to reduce lead fouling of the barrel and its grooves are designed to engage the rifling of the gun. Other companies also make their own version of specialized wads that help extend ranges. i could too out of my 32″ goose barrell,fc. Absolutely not. The availability and pricing information can be found on their website. Get the rounds, fire them off safely and enjoy the results. They humored my prepper plans, but are becoming more supportive. Great for smaller stature people. The slug weighs 602 grains, so it is significantly heavier than the 500 grain bullets common in the .458 Winchester Magnum. Advances in pellet material, such as tungsten and bismuth, allow for small pellets that weigh more than they would if made of lead. Brenneke Red Magic Ballistics (12 gauge 2¾â€) Brenneke Red Magic Ballistics (12 Gauge 3″) Super Sabot Check out 12 Gauge Steel Shotshells Ballistics Chart and 12 Gauge Slugs … And it was a classic when the target started on fire he just kicked it. These Paradox guns were intended to use lead bullets or shot. “Slug” is essentially the term used to describe a shotgun bullet. Best of luck in every endeavor- Rob. Because they are pure fun. The Super Sabot is a newer design that is lead free. . Maybe do that… Read more », Rokflyer, I like the way you think. The most powerful 2 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells are the Magnums. Since we don’t know anything other than “12 gauge Savage shotgun” we have to err on the standard size. Not only can you hunt deer with them, they’re also a lot of fun on reactive targets, like 2-liter sodas, or watermelons, or old left-over pumpkins. These throw 1 1/2 ounce of #BB, 2, 4, 5, or 6 lead shot at a MV of 1260 fps. I hope the NRA takes away your membership. Be sure to check for local burn bans, and keep some buckets of water or fire extinguishers on hand, just in case. And that Dragon’s Breath fired somewhat upward in the gravel pit should be quite a sight. Last I heard BP was not producing sabots and neither had been making 20 gauge ones at all. The Brenneke 16 has been made specifically for owners of fine 16 gauge guns who are looking to be able to use slugs in them. As an adult, I typically used a rifle for deer, and now that I’ve moved to a Midwestern state with “shotgun-only” regulations, I opt for slugs, as I’ll explain in just a bit. This is due to the very poor BC of the slug. Another interesting creation from the folks over at Firequest is the Dragon’s … Shotgun slugs are, in a word, awesome. The Classic Magnum Brenneke slug was inspired by the shuttlecock, heavy at the front with a light tail to stabilize it, and the design has proven hard to beat ever since 1898. The company has continued in the spirit and the technical expertise of its founder and nowadays produces a wide and interesting range of shotgun slugs, in addition to its sophisticated hunting-rifle ammunition. Any 12 gauge slug can be expected to cause a perforating wound (all the way through) in the human body. Here is also a video showing the terminal performance on a block of ballistic gel. Nothing wrong with a little fun. With muzzle energies that are literally double that of 20 Gauge, you can hunt anything in North America with a 12 Gauge shotgun slug. Ah go F**k off Larry. And if you want pure fun try those 12 ga. ‘bird bomb’ agricultural loads. Dragons Breath are very popular in Alaska, bet you can’t even figure out… Read more ». with a load of #8 shot, what would you say? i also am a Marine Combat vet of the Vietnam War. That may change, though, based on future ammunition and rifle advancements. I’ve also found these types of shotshells to be great on snakes, two-liter sodas, even steel targets in 3-Gun competition. There’s a wide variety of ammo types that you can fire for all sorts of purposes, from hunting birds, to hunting deer, to defending yourself, to making a pretty light show in the sky.

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