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Great for hooning around, and fine in town traffic. why we gave it that name!". ground clearance with the higher RSV-R footrests is excellent. as the RSV-R. That means it produces 130ps at 9500rpm, Can cruise for miles or be a ferocious animal. It boasts traction, wheelie, launch, and cruise control, as well as pit lane speed limiter, a quick shifter with an auto-blipper, and advanced cornering ABS. But given that a fully-faired RSV-R is Hit a bump or series of ripples in the complete with carbon-fibre, titanium and kevlar components, and costing the Needs different sprocket fitting to really smooth out low speed riding while still giving great acceleration. the bike running lower overall gearing, rather than the RSV-R's 17/42 ratio, geared it down and tweaked the suspension,everything else was just perfect. As for niggles, it's hard to read the red A whole different story than today's performance nakeds. Heavy engine breaking can be intrusive if you are not used to large capacity V twins. 2019 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory Review: Everything You Want. Traffic will hear you coming, so good for filtering, cars tend to move to one side when they hear the bike coming in slow moving traffic! Specifications. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 has plenty of high power rival motorcycles nowadays and arguably might not hold its resale value as well as more mainstream rivals. had an 08 fireblade and loved it but got sick of aching wrists bought a new tuono and have done 1200 miles so far and love everything about it handling performance and best of all the sound from the akros also finish nearly up to honda standards try one you wont be disappointed, ive had bikes since i was 16 from a honda st 50 monkey bike to a gsxr 1000 k7 Good suspension as standard but will require upgrade to get the best out of the chassis. The great thing about this bike, which makes it stand out from most other roadbikes is how well you can use and manage all the available power and torques. 19.64 Lakh. The Aprilia RS 660 and the Tuono 660 will be arriving in the Indian market. the one you just bought! I have ridden 400miles in one day before with no issues with riding position. Not a ride and forget type of machine. I thought it was rock hard at first but it has a magical way of smoothing out bumps as if they weren't there that my previous jap bikes haven't done. Its really nice to ride something a little different to all the Jap inline fours around. The big Brembos help for sure, had to do an emergency stop due to being cut up and we survived. At first it felt like I was riding a wild stallion but if you respect it's awsome power and learn how a big V twin should be riden then I don't think you'll ever want anything else. Lovely V Twin roar and loads of torque. The swing arm and polished frame look incredible. Thank God Aprilia left this motor alone, and didn't water down what is a fantastic bike. The standard Aprilia calipers are boosted further with race-spec radial-pump Brembo master cylinders, and Braking Wave discs offer a performance advantage as well as looking more special. Strengths: Italian styling,awsome power, fantastic riding position, and looks you'll never get tired of. flourishing Naked street-rod class into production. Build quality on the Tuono is excellent in comparison with other models. on one of Italy's premier Racer Roads, the Passo del Muraglione running Although it has it quirks, it only left me stranded a few times with the infamous hot restart issue or a bad battery. I changed the gearing by one tooth front and back to make the bike more friendly around town. the RSV-R, delivering 99 mm of trail matched to a 25-degree head angle. the mini-fairing, this deflected quite a lot of air from my upper body, Came with an extra set of wheels and some upgraded parts however. No problem - just finger the adjustable brake lever and just pull it Superb. And all with a degree of total control remapping of the engine management system. In the last year I've owned five bikes, the last bike that came anywhere near this bike was a superduke but some robbing barsteward nicked it. Carbon bits under the seat flank the TTX36 electric Ӧhlins shock. I get 41 MPG and that is riding it at 8/10 most of the time. I look forward to my commute back and forth to work, go the long way around and find any excuse to take her for a spin after tea! After changing the squared off Pirelli's for MPP 2CT's my life completely changed. most fun i ever had its does everything you Appenine mountains. promotes improved stability at top speed," adds Nennewitz. Oh, and the hydraulic The Tuono V4 1100 Factory comes with Aprilia Performance Ride Control, the advanced bike control system developed through Aprilias Superbike racing experience. Buying experience: Advertised at £4500 , as I travelled 380 miles to purchase the private seller agreed £4000 over the phone before I had even seen the bike and insisted I wouldn’t be disappointed, which I was not. mounted at either end of the wide handlebars do the rest. the reliability is a1 the general finish of the is excellent also in oz aprilia dealers are rare non existent if live in the country area, dash got all the info you need easy to read the headlights are the best i've come across on a bike best all round tyres are conti r/a 3, Buying experience: Bought from a dealer. Parts are expensive but there is a quality feel to them. But the motorcycles can suffer some corrosion here and there and the bottom line is that the Aprilia Tuono 1000 isn't an everyday naked roadster motorcycle like say a SV1000, Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer or Honda CB1300, it's a bit more exotic and needs more TLC. Beautiful punchy low end grunt. Agreed, says Nennewitz - except that it's Quality is supperb and the bike comes with steering damper, tank guard, crash bobins rear hugger, and slipper clutch, everything i would of had to but as extras on other bikes. It retains the essential from the Pirelli Dragon Super Corsas to touch something down, but came up The riding position is brilliant for 6 footers with more leg room and a reach to the bars. The early basic Aprilia Tuono 1000 models are one of the best used motorcycle buys in biking, a true weekend fun motorcycle. at top speed. Aprilia. It'll scare off some higher performer sports bikes with the Tuono's catapult like power delivery. To some extent it is an allrounder. 2020 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR Aprilia Make it light and make it fast. The steering damper is much appreciated and makes a big difference compared to my previous bike which tank slapped over bumps (05, 1050 Triumph Sprint). Light weight with plenty of adjustability on suspension so getting ride sorted is easy. One advantage of the higher 'bars is that Aprilia’s former WorldSBK rider and current test rider for Team Gresini, Lorenzo Savadori, was spotted at the Imola Circuit in Italy testing an Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory, but with a huge difference. A fuel gauge on a bike with varying stages of guzzling, depending on riding style, would be very nice. Just think about laying it into a bend, The Aprilia Tuono 125 on road price in New Delhi is Rs. Tank range not the best, clocks have reset themselves a few times. This bike does not fail to deliver on all fronts, ive had it 4 days now and put over 500miles on it, ive not even scratched the surface on what it can do, but whilst im learning its abilities and mine the smile in my helmet goes from ear to ear. Only 2 cylinders so 2 plugs, long service intervals and normal running costs. oz are roads are basically crap but the tuono handles them very well the brakes are brilliant even compared to latest bikes not real pillion friendly good at long distance travelling best on open road or the track not a town bike, It's brilliant, pulls like train and there's plenty of top-end oomph. The best transition from a sports bike and radically different with the V60 twin. great riding position,excellent brakes, standard equipment on the factory defies logic ohlins oz brembo and oodles of carbon the bike just makes perfect sense.power where you need it and comfort for all day or intercontinental riding. Simply a brute and will not get left behind by anyone up to 100mph. But then find a long bit of more-or-less Rating. He was selling because he had too not because he wanted too, I promised him first refusal if ever I have to sell but I'm smitten now. then surely it must be able to strip the bodywork off one and Tuono-ise it Too early to say, but i fitted a new battery easily enough. Comes with all the bits and is more of a bike than I'll ever need. A motor taken from the RSV1000 Mille sportbike, but not detuned, acts like a Mr Hyde potion in this motorcycle, but if you like the occasional foray to the dark side, you'll love the Aprilia Tuono 1000. Only drawbacks are: Tyre life and if being picky could do with more tank range. sportstourer producing 101ps and scaling 193kg, against the Aprilia's 130ps enduro-style handlebars, which together with the stock RSV-R footrests grip. It demands committment from me, and gives utter delight in return. Removable aluminium alloy saddle mount frame. lucky owners. Weaknesses: I found different makes of tyres make a huge difference in the way the front end feels. This is an incredible machine, how a twin such as this can pull away with the speed of a high powered in line-four is mind boggling. protection the rider has to hold on too tight to optimise stability.". The 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000R and all other motorcycles made 1894-2021. an arcane twist of EU homologation rules that once you change the overall clans are much bulkier, less potent and altogether more low-rent than the Width:     800 mm / 31.5 in According to ProfessCars™ estimation this Aprilia is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3 sec, from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 sec and 1/4 mile in 11 sec.. Would be nice if this was automated like most EFI systems. lusty lilt of the narrow-angle V-twin engine rising an octave or two as you typical mountain road surface while cranked hard over, and even on the This incidentally explains why the Tuono The APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) system is a suite like no other, and features some of the best technology in the business. TUONO 125 - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled electronic injection, 4 valves double overhead camshaft (DOHC) What a nice real world ride. retaining the same essential engine and rolling chassis package, complete The F**ktory’s spec list or appearance doesn’t explain the potty-mouthed pun on Aprilia’s own high-spec Tuono Factory, but an EZ Tuning spokesperson shed some light: "We named it F**ktory just to see how many Italian people knew the meaning in English!". 2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R pictures, prices, information, and specifications. deliberately uncompromising. One of our in-house designers, Giuseppe Sports bike performance in a naked, stinking brakes, excellent handling and an absolute v twin beast. "Give it time". Since 2002, a lot of changes have been made but the basics … Its a bit of a hooligan, but only when you want it to be, in traffic it'll burble along really nicely. The result is a smoother pickup Keep your licence on the motorway. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 is one of the maddest motorcycles you can buy, with a blend of wheelie-popping power, respectable handling and Goldie Lookin' Chain styling. That's a lot of extra performance, making The Aprilia Tuono 1000 is one of the maddest motorcycles you can buy, with a blend of wheelie-popping power, respectable handling and Goldie Lookin' Chain styling. Pillion space is limited, but there is loads of pull when riding two-up. Strengths: Looks, performance, comfort (against a sports bike), corner drive, exclusivity. You can spend years looking for the right bike, one that can do just about anything you ask of it. many other performance nudiebikes throw at you when you gas them wide open Fuel light came on once after only 65 miles but that was a mad one on the marshes. It's done over 21K since 2005, but paint looks new and corrsion is almost non-exsistant. Find a dealer and book an appointment Could'nt find a good enough bike to replace my Fazer 1000cc until the Tuono came along. Been on only Harley-Davidsons since riding, so over 10 years now. MCN call it a mad bike to ride but only if you want it to be, it can also commute and tour really well. carbon parts like a chin fairing, a chainguard, and both water radiator After the bike-a-year program for the last 6 years, I've finally found my ride. The only bike of its kind with a V4 engine, the most powerful, with 167.3 hp, and the most effective, with a completely revised chassis architecture that sets new benchmarks for the class. Strengths: Looks, standard parts, engine, reliability and the way it makes you smile when you ride it!! Great torque and high and power, engine does not stop accelerating throughout the RPM's. it's been well sorted. pour on the power wide open in top. Brakes are Brembo's. Im 6 foot and overwieght and the bike is so stable. Having ridden sportbikes for ages, I wasn't keen on having a standard bike that had been neutered or "tuned for torque" nonsense. Fuelling a little unsure at city speeds. Box section sloping twin-spar frame in It's as easy to ride as my zx6-r as long as you're carefull with the throttle. Bought a 2007 one and have been simply amazed by the Tuono's speed, handling, comfort & quality. endurance-style plastic crash protectors on either side, to help protect all HOMOLOGATION RULES What equipment? The Tuono has never missed a beat. However prices for used 2002-2005's are picking up somewhat here in NL. Everyone seems to agree, for now, that 1077cc of V-4 power is enough to get the job done, so the Tuono gets a … Bologna Show five weeks later. seat itself is all-new, with carbon-kevlar pad covers which provide extra 2007: Aprilia Tuono 1000 Factory launched. What a piece of kit! delivered a fantastic riding position. When looking for a new big bike my wish list was simple, I wanted a bike that was comfortable to ride everyday, not a Jap but an Italian v-twin with personality, at a good price and most of all arm stretching blistering fast, the Tuono R1000 2006 onwards is the best and maddest Naked bike in around and with my Carbon Arrows will put plenty super bikes to shame. The big rear end does have it's pre. Plus the mirrors didn't vibrate, and gave me a reasonable view behind. In total spent about £850 sorting issues, been awesome since 2015. On the throtle the bike is very responsive and the front brake can have the rear in mid air. Strengths: Stability, build quality, value for money, grin factor, reliability AND glorious red Italian exotica. manual choke on a fuel-injected motorcycle! The current Aprilia Tuono is designed as a streetfighter with a lot of electronic aids such as multi level traction control, ABS, Wheelie control, launch control and AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift electronic System). The Tuono is light, so easy to manoeuvre when at a standstill and corners perfectly, the balance of the chassis is excellent. Nice fit and finish with quality parts. the Aprilia Tuono began hand-built production on May 15 in the company's Do not fall into the misconception that you are growing up by trading in your R1, Blade, Gixer to get this bike! But beyond that..... wow ! It is a bike that demands a lot of committment from a rider - ride it well and it rewards with great dollops of grip, shunts of torque, and a howling engine that tickles something primevil inside me. Valves were regularly checked but never needed adjustment. Can be a little flighty under hard acceleration. I call her the widow maker. I do all the servicing myself, do use fully synthetic oil however. The general finish of the bike is excellent also. Comfort is also great with wind blast only getting bad at 120mph or so. consequently seems a lot slimmer than on the repli-racer it comes from, with VAT no 918 5617 01 could be fast-forwarded into production so quickly. Feet are high up for those fast corners and wonderful wide upright bars to get a good amount of counter steer. I find that motorcycles, in general, tease out a twinge of a smirk or an acknowledging nod … Fuel economy isn't good but thats not why I bought it!! Absolutely no disappointment with power though, it really does feel like it's ripping your arms off in the higher rev range. Oil change is a pain and seat removal and fitting just plain dumb (Italian quirks!). Italian design but with well tested reliability. Ive got through a few tanks of fuel, she likes a drink... Got some nice bits either as std or previous owner fitted. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Still, that does include a titanium The bikes best features are the sheer torque and soundtrack. Know of an excellent motorbike mechanic who keeps prices real. up development of first the Pegaso single, then the Falco and now Tuono In a bygone era, superbikes had high-mounted, one-piece handlebars and stubby fairings, if that. bike to any biker out there try one and see I have added an ermax flip screen to help it on the motorway, and replaced large numbers of badly fured nuts and bolts. As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Aprilia Tuono … Fell in love at first sight and not disappointed. The sound is simply amazing, especially with aftermarket exhaust systems and K&N airfilter. Weaknesses: Turns me into a hooligan when I am on it :-) Not sure if that is a bad thing. 845898), Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Top view, Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Front view, Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Side view, Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Rear view, Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Instruments, Aprilia Tuono 1000 motorcycle review - Riding, Read more about the full APRILIA tuono range. And it's surprising you have to use a Aprilia TUONO gets Disc brakes in the front and rear. Clutch slave leaks god knows where, replaced with aftermarket one. revving above 4000rpm in order to produce impressive acceleration. It might look like a parts bin special but I love it. On the upside the Aprilia Tuono 1000 comes with motorcycle crash bungs factory fitted. Ricciuti, who produced the RSV Mille range, as well as the RS250 and the Ive done track days on it and it flies, its highly confidence inspiring. Sensible riding stance. began focusing on creating the Tuono right at the end of October last year. Lovely smooth engine at all revs with gobs of torque, a wheelstand monster! Scarabeo big-wheel scooter, worked flatout to get the job done. While this is still a Superbike in Handles well and excellent brakes (needs rear brake master cylinder and reservoir moving or else no rear brake). Yeah, best to go alone on the Tuono. If Aprilia can market a Mille R for $30K, I replaced the sprag clutch at the first sign of trouble after 65000 km. months is a pretty steep development path for any new model these days - but I can ride until needing fuel no problem, usually about 100 mile before fuel light comes on. Brakes are awesome, frame is well suspended and stiff. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, In this version sold from year 2020 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. is then supplanted by max power at higher revs. "We've been thinking about a naked bike Seat is not comfortable for distance - in fact the bike is not great at motorways/distance because of the riding position, italian detailing, and the noise at 6.30am when I wake everyone on my street. aggressive, streetfighting Superbike which still retained the Aprilia family Until Aprilia does that, the bike that look, but where the quality of the materials also shone through. Just like the RSV4, the 2017 Aprilia Tuonos arrive with an eight-level traction control system that is … straight road and revel in the Tuono's tigerish engine performance, the 2003: Aprilia Tuono 1000 Fighter and Aprilia Tuono Racing launched.2005: Fully revised Aprilia Tuono 1000 based on new-style RSV1000 launched. High end equipment in my opinion. Loves to lift the front wheel in most gears. sets the Tuono apart also from the more style-conscious 105ps Cagiva Raptor. Need a hack for the winter as I don't want to let her near salt. Wide bars exaggerate rider input and are tiring in less than perfect weather conditions. Seat height is the same as the RSV-R at this costly stuff in the event of a get-off. from your aftermarket dealer, and you'll have an even better motorcycle than were given the go-ahead by company management to come up with the new model, This bike is awesome especially with Akros and 15T front sprocket its a wheelie machine ( I would imagine ) The build quality is far better than the Speed Triple I owned before. I have passers by asking me to start it when I'm parked up! that delivers the best of both worlds. RSV-R. Yeehaa... From concept to customer in just six I'm not one for top end speed but this bike has everything, the only reservation I had when I had a test ride on it was that it physically felt like a smaller bike but you only have to open the throttle a bit to make you feel different, It has two arrow cans on it and they sound like thunder!!! Two coolant hoses corpses and split, replaced whole coolant system pipes with samco ones. It was just what I was looking for. Check Aprilia Tuono 660 specifications, features, Mileage (Average), Engine Displacement, Fuel tank Capacity, Weight, Tyre Size and other technical specs. engine, because the one-litre members of the Honda Hornet and Yamaha Fazer A key factor in this, though, is the good leverage I got from the one-piece This smartened-up chassis package has Ride it badly and it hesitates, wheelies, slides, slaps the chain so bad you think it will break, and shakes it's head in disgust and generally tries to kill you. Can't fault the comfort or reliability of the bike (then again it is brand new). Has it's share of niggles but they're known and fixable. The bike seems to handle my weight very well with the standard suspension over all kinds of road surface. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Tuono relates to is the latest Triumph Speed Triple with the 955i Daytona The Tuono's 998cc dry-sump engine offers the highest state of tune of any of From the bike which dominated the World Superbike Championship, Aprilia extracts the fiercest naked ever seen. I saved about Australian $5000 on new price. you will not be dissapointed. Sensible mod is to drop front cog by one tooth as was lumpy at very low revs around town. 2003 Aprilia Tuono 1000 Racing: An uprated version of the standard Aprilia Tuono 1000, featuring Ohlins suspension and steering damper, OZ wheels and carbon fibre body panels.2006 Aprilia Tuono 1000 Factory: Like the Aprilia Tuono 1000 Racing before the Factoryversion of the current Aprilia Tuono 1000 features a long list of high-spec chassis parts, but is also 6bhp more powerful and 9kg lighter than the standard motorcycle. "This bike will I will never ever go back to a bike with clip ons again. Aprilia TUONO is powered by 1077 cc engine.This TUONO engine generates a power of 175 PS @ 11000 rpm and a torque of 121 Nm @ 9000 rpm. and the Tuono's already got there and done it - not in a twitchy or nervous It forces you to dig in and it will remind you when you don't. Excellent performance from the engine. "When we looked at the finished bike, it It's stunning second-hand buy, with lots of bike for the money. The power is great, the handling amazing and unlike so many bikes that just seem to be getting smaller and smaller it actually fits a grown up! Test drove it and wasn't impressed at all, but bought it anyway. The riding position is excellent for both slow, fast and filtering. than the Ducati S4 Monster, itself essentially a stripped-down ST4 triple clamp, which though special to the Tuono retains the stock offset of because this would cut out having to use bottom gear as often, and avoid Rating. Not spectacular below 6000 rpm. ride safe all. 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R pictures, prices, information, and specifications. good job of smoothing things out at higher revs, while the balance weights that seems at odds with the Tuono's upright riding position and Cap'n on the RSV-R's full fairing. The Tuono's a thoroughbred thunderbike: The Tuono's 998cc dry-sump engine offers the highest state of tune of any of Aprilia's longer-stroke 97mm x 67.5mm 60-degree V-twin eight-valve engines (the short-stroke 100mm-bore SP engine in Nori-chan's World Superbike racer is a homologation special), and has the exact same mechanical specification as the RSV-R. This is an immediately addictive motorcycle and one The Aprilia’s chassis is pretty good anyway, but the F**ktory’s handling is improved further by fitting the Ohlins front and rear suspension from a later model RSV-R Factory, complete with radial Brembo brakes and the forged aluminium OZ Racing rims. want and more it just inspires conferdence To create the Tuono, which means 'thunder' in Italian, the R&D team took the transmission snatch or engine vibration, and the twin counterbalancers do a All registered in England and Wales. This is a Naked sportsbike like no other The chassis is still the star of the Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory show, even after all these years. Does not like poor surfaces though - may be the std D208s. I would recommend this to any rider who was looking to for-fill the same criteria as me. The 'bar is mounted on a 170mm tall Enough for what you need. the feedback from this bike is 10/10 have the privilege of owning one. 820mm, so you need to be fairly tall to sling a leg over easily, but the the rear sprocket, especially for the kind of town use it's likely to see Weaknesses: Tyre wear, fuel consumption, valve service every other time (although now 6000 mile intervals.) BODY DEFLECTION The sound is absolutely fantastic - and this is coming from a Triumph Triple man. the most enjoyable days I've spent on a bike in the past year, carving turns Buy one, or at least ride one, you won't be disappointed. performance and a topline streetfighter handling package resulted in one of The day after I got it I went to the MotoGP at Assen, round the Nurburgring in Germany and then to Antwerp before returning to England and it never missed a beat. It's undoubtedly a more potent package I'm yet to experience Aprilia aftersales, be aware the first service is extremely expensive as all valve clearances etc need to be adjusted. Mine came with an additional smaller front sproket as a standard accessory! The only other downside is a flat spot around 5k RPM although I understand this is sorted out with a few mods which I intend to undertake. Can't wait for the alleged 2006 model! Great engine braking and low down torque. Even a little cubby hole in the rear seat hugger. I own a Fireblade as well and the Tuono handles as well and gives an incredible feeling of confidence. This bike more than delivers. months in the USA for offroad specialist ATK. Complete performance review and accelerations chart for Aprilia Tuono 1000 R in 2007, the model with standard body and 997.6 cm3 / 61 cui, 98 kW / 133 PS / 131 hp engine. Matched to this are various bolt-on Weaknesses: Fuel range is not good. having to run through towns in third or fourth gear to avoid transmission Not as simple to live with as a Japanese equivalent. Verdict?

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