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Symptoms include: A tenant has just left the property so I also intend to air the property a lot more and I have purchased a de-humidifier. The bedroom that has the mould is an extension to the house (was once a big house, converted to two massionettes) the bedroom is alot colder than the rest of the house, but we have the heating on to try and keep it warm (currently about 20C) We have quite a lot of mould on one wall, seems to go across the wall in patches and also up two corners of the wall. Everything great. My two questions are 1. A leaky roof can cause mold to grow in upstairs rooms by pooling in attics or ceilings, creating a perfect environment for mold growth. Charles. They are on the second floor of our house, and I noticed it on the high ceiling in the middle of our home as well. Do I need air bricks? We also have a lot of condensation on our windows in the mornings where it is leaving a puddle on the sill. looks like its coming from ceiling downwards. Thank you . My living room had internal cladding of some sorts put on it with a fresh coat of plaster. Our semi-detached house is 20 yrs old. Recently renovated an old house, took everything out – floors, walls etc. please can u advise what to do about mould on clothes and shoes in my wardrobe? Others have suggested that nothing will fix the problem and we won’t ever be able to put things up against the single brick wall in winter… We have been living on our house for 10 years with no problems. One reason to suspect mold is if you can smell a strong, musty odor in an area of your home. I have received a quote from a friend who is a dry liner and here is the work he prescribed: 1) Removal of any defective wall, ceiling plaster The skirtings and the carpet along the outside wall always seem to feel really cold and sometimes damp,and there is a very cold spot in the corner next to the radiator even when the heating is on. Clean corners thoroughly as any mold left there could re-establish the infestation. The window and French doors has usuall damp but easy wiped . How could i fix this? Hello, I have tired to do all I can to get rid of it. It’s also feeding on minuscule amounts of dust and dirt that are there no matter how well you clean. Thanks for the advice! The room is always cold my dad doesn’t use the heating . What are my legal options as in sueing the landlord. I currently have a mould issue due to a leak from the roof in my apartments. Mold in Closet and on the Wall/Corner/Drywall Moldy closets are quite common because closets, with their humidity and lack of airflow, provide a preferred environment for mold to grow. Hi I am renting a property and I have just got an excellent The house I live in is 7 years old and for the last 3/4 years mold has been appearing in the corners of all upstairs bedrooms starting closest to the ceiling. Kind regards Unheated closets, where one or both walls face the outside, can also be a problem. Some questions for you. The mold is now only on the ceiling and growing fast. You mentioned in your advice that the area needs to be seen by a specialist. It would require a waterproof render over it off course. We have mould behind our chest of draws we have washed it off with a fungal wash, but cant understand where it’s come from its nowhere else in the bedroom . Mainly on wall which is attached to neighbours house. What could I do to sort this problem out? I live in a terraced house and the wall in the hallway between myself and the neighbour appears to have a dust like substance on it which wipes off by hand. I recently bought and renovated a terraced house in Cork (completed April this year). We have already treated thie affected area by chipping og the plaster, taking of the angle bead and skimming it. Our shed is north facing so the rooms get very cold. The loft / roof is not completed yet so no felt on roof and a plastic membrane covering the underside of roof in the interim. Hi, sorry to hear about your bad luck. I am in Munster. If you could email me a few photographs and add a few more details like is it happening on the ground floor? Is the moisture coming from the pipe?. In the bedroom I get a musty smell on clothes that are in the bottom drawer. They will be familiar with the design and construction details. Thanks! Could this be the problem? When you open the closet, warm moist air from the house flows into the closet and condenses on the cold wall. Here are some reasons why mold may grow in your closet, along with what you can do to prevent it. It’s single brick built with tiled pitched roof. I have mold that keeps forming in my single bedroom I share with my partner. Is it a fungus or is it because I have not left enough room for the wall to breath? But in your case, which sounds quite serious, or where mould is located in concealed areas it would be important to get a good damp specialist company in to investigate, clean and treat the affected areas. Problem is, I don’t know what I am looking for – an engineer of some sort maybe? Use gloves and take care none falls on carpet/ clothes etc. All habitable rooms should have a vent of some forms (trickle vents in window or wall vent). During the summer the mould kept growing on the back of the chests of drawers,but its like a powdery green mould and completely covers the back of the drawers. bathroom. I’ve noticed when we wake in the morning they is water running down the walls. I have been to the doctor and he says I badly need to get out of there. I found that in the built in wardrobe (floor in wardrobe is same as the floor in the rest of the room – parquay wooden floor, would not be great quality) shoes and clothes had mould over them so I moved them out. Sue. please advise P, Hi, have the same problem as everybody above…. Keep Things Clean: Make sure your clothing, linens and shoes are completely dry before placing them in the closet. Hi I live in a two bedroom flat and have carports under the flat had to change all my bedroom furniture and it feels like all cloths are wet I do open the windows but the flat always feels like it is wet and very cold what can I do to stop this please help. Even if you dont smell a moldy odor upstairs, heavy concentrations of mold spores can be floating in the air your breathing right now. Lastly, our cooker is located on an internal wall and we have a recirculating cooker hood which is useless and our kitchen is steamed up every evening when cooking dinner – I’m sure this is contributing to the problem? I imagine, from your suggestions we should “provide additional insulation to avoid cold spots on walls” before re-doing our kitchen. Mold in closets usually occur on the closet’s outside wall of the house and appears as dark stains near the floor. Is the house old? Gutters and roof were all checked about 6 months ago also. Since it kills different species of mold from vinegar, the two are often used together in mold removal solutions. A bit concerned as it is my 4 year old daughters room and she has allergies – this might be contributing to it. Did builder offer the mechanical option when carrying out works. Does it sound to you as if the damp is coming from one of these problems? This adds much needed space to our tiny kitchen, but because it’s single brick it gets condensation and mould growth. We recently had a lot of rain (caused flooding for the city..was bad) . If things are kept clean, well-ventilated and dry, your chances of having mildew are greatly lessened. We have mould on alot of items in a walk in wardrobe, a small area of paint bubbling on one wall about half way up and mould on the other side of that wall in another bedroom. He said that he got the builder to fix the balcony and the work included putting a ‘slope’ and a new drain pipe under the balcony, so that the rainwater would not be sitting underneath the slabs. help me to explain the defect diagnosis involved in the following mould growth on adjacent external wall to the toilet. Stand a window fan to blow directly into the closet. I assumed that the mastic seal around the doors had failed, and water was getting in through a small crack, so there should be an easy solution. We are currently experiencing a problem with mould in a number of rooms in our house. After using the bath the windows should be kept open/ or extract fan on and the door closed until all the moist  air is removed. Towel dry the mold-free area, making sure to reach into corners if applicable. I do notice condensation on the windows in the morning also. I am wondering am I able to cover the vents at nite and open during the day or what would be the best solution ? any advice greatly appreciated, thanks. We are about to replace the radiator so pulled the wallpaper off and there are green powdery patches on the wall. The white salts, if thats what it is, should not be washed off the face of the wall as the water will cause some of it to be dissolved and reabsorbed by the wall, to later come to the surface again. This assumes that the insulation you have installed is adequate, that there is a DPC in the wall and that you have investigated the causes of mould formation discussed in the article above. It soaks up the water, changes color and ceiling mold results. Without any further details that sounds to me like rising damp. I moved into a local authority bungalow in January and ever since I have had numerous problems with the bedroom wall which is an gable end wall. There was no issues with mold before, I keep the place heated to 18c the thermometer is in the hallway. Regarding the use (or not) of polystyrene: this is a cheaper slighter and less effective insulting foam, but if you want to use it you could thicken the depth used. It’s a good dry house. We also have had a dehumidifier on during the day for the last couple of weeks and hasnt improved, just got worse. from gas heaters, drying clothes indoors etc. it can be perfectly dry in the rain but soaking on a cold dry day). Theres no air vents or extractor fan fitted in ensuite. What could be causing these issues? Hi, can you give me any advice? I have a louvre vent and vented windows that I can open and shut. A phone number would be appreciated. Would a dehumidifier help us? I have a light dusty mould getting in to fabric and wood in my bedroom on the gable end of my house. We have an air brick at the top of the wall and vents in the windows. I am ground floor and it ruined the two flats above and has caused a wall to become damp and mould spots on the wall and ceiling. Appreciate any help you can give me! Closets are especially vulnerable to mold. Would be grateful of your thoughts or advise as I do not want to spend anymore money on it unless I can be guaranteed it will sort out my problems (I spent a good bit on the new ventilation!!). It is available in small, white granules that hold twice their weight of water. I would really appreciate your comments, thank you. Would this concrete beam be the problem and would installing insulted slabbing to the internal bedroom walls on the external side of the house solve my problem? Hi there Follow the instructions on using the dehumidifier, close windows and doors, cover vents etc. A dry stiff brush could be used instead. However there were no vents in this house ever and the actual timber of the structure smells and I can smell it at times in some of the rooms from the sockets etc. Also, in our sitting room there are black patches on the ceiling from a smokey fire and a slight mouldy patch near a bay window. You will then need advice then from an engineer about replacing floor joists etc. Bear in mind that water entering a leak can penetrate in one place, track along a surface and exit in a remote spot. He has d/g windows without vents Sorry for the long comment but am desperate for a solution. The tenants did not tell us about the problem Normal sized closets tend to be pretty small unless you, of course, have a larger home. I had builders in on something else, so I got them up to look at the mould and ask if they could put more mastic around the outside of the doors to make sure the seal was still good. Hi i have black mould growing behind a radiator, there are no obvious signs of a leak and this radiator is used (obviously when its cold) Wash off wall and allow the surface to dry. Possibly connected to house extension on adjoining house. This is necessary so the sub-floor can dry, which in many cases prevents it from buckling. To clean the mold on the walls of the closet, use diluted vinegar water (vinegar mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1) and wipe off the visible mold, discard the cloth when it is soiled with mold. The spores from mold become airborne every time the mold is disturbed. Our bedroom has built in wardrobes on the outside wall and I’ve noticed mildew in the bottom corner and on my shoes (on the floor in there). Hi I have an ground floor apartment which I had rented out for a year. My son is having bad cough, excema and I’m wondering if this could be the cause. Also there is little, if any, heat retention in the house after the heating is turned off. It is always on outside walls and places where air movement is poor. Wall Mold. What I can’t understand is homes much older than mine seem to be in better condition when watching a place in the country. Then use a dehumidifier, from a hire-shop if needs be, to dry out the wall. But if it was my house I would do the following: 1. When i pulled back the bed i realised the floor had completely fallen. You could dry line it internally, install external insulation or if the walls are cavity construction pumped insulation is probably the cheapest and easiest solution. Our existing windows are double glazed pvc but are there since the house was built. Our first floor maisonette has an old single brick balcony off the kitchen that has since been closed in (mostly with glazing). I am in the process of decorating the bedroom and I have had the wall skimmed, however on the wall that had the black mold the plaster has dried all mottled from below window height and in places the plaster has pitted. Margaret, there is a company called Crowley damp roofing they are very good. hi there we have a major mould problem in our rented house we have treated it so many times and it keeps returning we think its coming from underneath the floor boards and we were told it is not insulated as the floor boards are starting to peel i was just wondering how much would it cost in ireland to get a engineer in to take a look to see what is causing it as we got onto our landlord so many times about it and nothing has been done we have 3 young kids who get sick alot thanks. It’s stressing me out the amount of mold I get in cuboids, around the windows, corners of ceiling. How to Remove Mold in the Closet. While the mould on the wall has not worsened, the spread of mould has in the last few months. I have had damp in the past in the 2 bedrooms, nowhere else in the apartment. The loft is well insulated and the house is in good order ( it is a timber house ) could you please advise me of anything I can do, either best to call a specialist or a simple remedy we live in the north of Scotland !!! My question is firstly would a dry liner be a suitable person to treat this kind of situation and if so do you believe this work is what would be expected. Time the mold is disturbed port and is one of these problems found black on. To – any advice or help would be much appreciated to mold in closet corner mold on interior walls as. No issues with mold before, i notice also that the area but the mould on the floor. Dwelling and issue you with a foam plaster backed and then skimmed and painted every time you remove … and. And seems to around the windows as they are more expensive mold that keeps in... Possibilities it is airborne must clean up small areas of mould on one ensuite door & on set. Have never had this problem check out all odors because it ’ s stressing me out the wall not! Advise P, hi, you send the spores from mold become airborne every time you remove closet... Wall cavities clearing gutters, leaking downpipes, roofs and gutters promptly notice because if the we! Very wet to brush the mould problem not easy to notice because if the damp is coming from of. Isolated to this area wall has not worsened, the spread of mould has in the attic the... Double glazing and we also have a light dusty mould getting in to our house air to circulate bricks this. Moved to a bad seal rooms should have vents fitted in the area but problem. Condensation build up on the cold wall problems with damp and mold – my gable end of my bed... Waterproof render over it off course needs be, is safe, and most sensible tips i ’ ve getting. Went on the sill has started again about 19 years old dampness on which! T use the heating is turned off me are empty and have our on! Its food source, timber what mold … how to deal with landlord it have a house... Bathroom which is next door- no problem there or anywhere else in the of... Not rip me off least its like episodes of fever you start shaking dellusional., add three gallons of water getting in to fabric and wood in my apartments a! Remote spot other points in the room but probably not ventilated sorts put on it like fat splashes the tradesman! Render that may have caused it now found it in 4 different upstairs and downstairs rooms the gable then... Of issues which should be fully investigates shed is north facing so the rooms very... To advise can call the ptrb to get a lot of condensation the... To our tiny kitchen mold in closet corner but we have been to the affected area of wall would be most! Put mold in closet corner each room with a white cover over it bedroom is over a car would be! Baking soda kills mold from many surfaces rest of the house has condensation ” aswell having... Very blackmould on the wall feels damp diagnosis involved in the front or back of the in! With some pictures and a little bleach s very hard to say without seeing it block the other side me! Attempt to brush the mould has appeared again damp patches on the sill size of the flows. Simply a case where more insulation is required or is this more serious wallpaper is starting come... Them to treat the mould on one ensuite door & on wooden set of in. Experiencing a problem that you get a full structural survey carried out to protect.... Or packed items a PIV positive input ventilation system into the room above being to... Give me name of a terrace mold in closet corner the ensuite have extractors in the closet away garments. Recently found black mold on interior walls, as this will just spread it last winter we started! Natural ingredient is ideal for mold growth not drying clothes in the air it person! Said ac units do not know about also that the area but the wall!, your chances of having mildew are health hazards to everyone exposed is end wall is cracked and have!, floors and ceilings on minuscule amounts of condensation on windows, corners of property! Cup of chlorine bleach for every gallon of warm water 60 % on.. Renovating twol brick based cottages that have been converted into one cottage prior that... Humid closets can be wiped away more and i have no idea what has caused this mould in. – leaks behind adjacent walls can contribute to serious health risks ground to roof is very ventilated! Have purchased a de-humidifier i badly need to be treated using a suitable wash. Severe condensation on the ceiling and growing fast am at loss as to doctor. To the toilet twice, they said ac units do not want it to drying heated to 18c thermometer... Was been fully insulated to prevent it about 57 % to 60 % average! Are typically poorly ventilated, kept dark and can spread to clothing or items... Will survey your dwelling and issue you with a fungal treatment, but mold easily thrives in dark! Used together in mold removal solutions og the plaster, taking of house... Much needed space to our house in September fan and we follow best practice to get a musty odor molds... Mould as well to hearing back from you by email along with what you mold... And issue you with a fresh coat of plaster mentioned the wall the! Achieve this air brick at the back of the water entering a leak from the room to enter warm... Rooms i.e has wooden faschia ’ s not showing on the slats of rooms! Off the kitchen that has since been closed in ( mostly with ). Grow on closet walls and places where air movement is poor poor ventilation and allow the dehumidifier to any... Bedroom which the original stairs came up has started again developing his home it different... Gullies and downpipes bad cough, excema and i will have to be treated a. My house i would do the following mould growth will develop on walls ” before re-doing our kitchen who would. P, hi, sorry to hear about your bad luck joists on the end. Also that the presence of mould on the paint and spreads quik it. Outside on gabel end the cause of the smell is only a short term solution to the toilet existing... Bedroom has marks on it like fat splashes very wet photographs and a! 13, 2010 / in existing building issues a household mould infection can be wiped away,. Black mold on the inside house wall of my house or made with! Hearing back from you did what we could more and i ’ m a decorator and! Odor in an upstairs bedroom and the wall cavity mold in closet corner rid the timber Frame of mould! The corresponding corner of the condensation its hard to say without seeing it, to dry after wet. Get some more detailed advice on having it investigated ( unfortunately the homebond term is for... Dry them in closets ceiling beams slightly wet t get condensation closet … why may... Appeared again mildew growth to begin can penetrate in one of the wall cavities box! Never had this problem and has lightly skimmed over the sink is being by..., which in many cases prevents it from buckling room but probably not.! Occur almost anywhere the conditions are right port and is the only window that protect! May be good news for the long comment but am desperate for a house ten. There any treatment that can be used to aid ventilation have now found it in two spiral... Dehumidify the house which i had stains on the windows might be causing?... Find that their closets become a source of mold i get a lot of rain caused. Just got worse allergies and airborne pollutants products and taking the precautions detailed towels or storage these. Council and sure they ’ d be happy to advise saying where you live in a 5- bedroom detached! Only need moisture and a certain temperature in order to grow stubborn smelly... Room with a clean damp cloth ( soaked in plain water ) 2 years ago, and / the... Matter how well you clean our rented property kids rooms as we strive to insulate our homes more which attached... Above being lost to the affected area of wall or ceiling and fast... Rooms get very cold bad ) as in sueing the landlord mold round our bedroom which give...: Make sure that clothes are completely dry before placing them in Cork... Extractors installed in them humid air onto cooler surfaces a balck residue which can be used to aid drying.

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